January 2017: Set Up

Meet my planner for the year. While most BUJO people use actual BUJO journals like Moleskine or Leuchtturm. I got this little baby at HomeGoods because I loved how the setup was already. Also, another reason was the price. I recommend getting planners and journals from Ross, Marshalls, HomeGoods or a similar retail store.

You start out every month with GOALS followed by a monthly view of the calendar.


Looking back, I see how messy it was. Let’s see how next month looks.

Next, there were the weekly pages which I really loved. I like to think that this last week in January looks awesome. We’ll see how the rest of week goes, but I think there has already been an improvement!


An essential item in BUJO seems to be stamps and/or stencils. While Michael’s did have your classic BUJO stencils, I could NOT resist the Unicorn themed stamps and ombre ink pad. (Plus, they were 40% off with a Michael’s coupon.) Silicone stamps are so easy to use and wash! Honestly, I’m not sure what you do with the metal ones. Are they stencils or stamps? The legs of the unicorn came out really skinny at times. The bad part: the ink bleeds through very badly. However, that ombre pink and purple unicorn and those diamonds look awesome! I’m going to continue to use it; it doesn’t bother me. Also, if you were wondering, I got those post its a year ago in the dollar section at Target. I initially used them to cover up things I wasn’t too comfortable putting on the interwebs, but I actually like how they look. Plus, it can be fun to lift up which will hopefully motivate me to look at my planner more. What good is a planner if I forget to look at it?

If anything, I hope this inspires you to start your own planner/bujo journey especially if you are a beginner like me. Happy planning unicorns!


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